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Thread: Old Boys of the Brigade

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    I know many on here are ex members and have affinity for the organisation. I'd encourage any of you with sons to get them involved with the BB.

    Companies will be starting up again over the next few weeks and you have plenty of options. In the clarkston area alone you have four very strong companies. The 223rd at Greenbank Church, the 128th at williamwood church, the 231st at Stamperland church and the 278th at Netherlee. I help out with one of these companies.

    If you want any more information then please feel free to ask here or via PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannahm View Post
    130th Glasgow Broomhill Church
    Yea me too

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    100th Anniversary of The Life Boys.

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    Believe it or not, I actually watched Barmulloch Church being built, 1954, I think. When it opened it was packed to the doors every Sunday and it had one of the biggest BB companies in Glasgow. On a church parade Sunday when the 224th marched round the area the pipe band and the head of the company section would be two hundred yards up Quarrywood Road before the last of the Lifeboys set off from the church. Everybody's father was a WW2 ex serviceman as were the 224 officers. The Captain was Mr Tom Allan and he ran a very fine company. The piping instructor was Mr MacDonald. At that time joining the BB was virtually compulsory for boys and it never did anyone any harm and helped countless thousands. Our camps always seemed to be in Gullane or Anstruther.


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