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  1. Benefits of Yoga Exercise for Children

    Yoga has many benefits to kids on physical, social and emotional levels. Yoga for adults tends to be a very solitary activity even if it is done in a classroom with other students it is very internally focused. In a kids yoga class, they tend to be very focused on the group and many of the activities require paying attention to the interactions and dynamics of the group such as singing, dancing, discussion, ...
  2. Yoga For Pregnancy is Not Just Physical But Also Psychological as well as Spiritual W

    Pregnancy features an alarming amount of adjustments for any type of woman. Preparation for this new life impacts both the physical and mental life. Water retention, high blood pressure, increase in body temperature level, back pains, body pains, nausea, dizziness, modifications in sex drive, constipation, yearnings, fatigue and excessive weight gain are but some of the physical modifications females experience. Mentally ladies end up being anxious, frightened, absent-minded as well as not able ...
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