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  1. Board meeting at Anfield later today

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    Not so sure its all about decent salaries.

    Rodgers has signed absolute shite like Balotelli and he should have been sacked on the spot for spending most of the Suarez money on 3 players from Southampton. 25 m on Adam f*cking Lallana

    He's spent 1/4 of a billion in 3 summers and they are still rank.
    Count in what he got for Suarez and Sterling. Comments should be objective.
    Rodgers is a good manager in the sense that he would take a club ...
  2. Jum Spence's tweet

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    Jim Spence , The Dundee Utd Man
    when really he's a Celtic fan
    Once employed by the BBC
    now banished home to Dundee
    The Courier, that's quite a gig
    A readership that's no so big
    What a come down for the Ginger brush
    blame his troubles on all of us
    the games is up, Jim
    Your futures grim
    Your slanted views have paid the price
    Your nothing really, is,nt that nice?
  3. 'Blue Heaven' - was that a fan group?

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    Were they not the 'ultra' group that sat in the west enclosure one or two years ago? About 20 guys overall. Haven't seen them there in a while now.
    Sure they only lasted one season.
  4. German fans at Ibrox today

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    Excellent pics well done Rangers
    The chap with the queens park rangers type top I'm sure is a Duisburg fan I'm taking there game in with 1860 Munich in April looking
  5. Buying a new TV

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    I am looking to buy a new TV any day now but basically don't know what one to buy. I have looked at Argos, currys etc and there are various options/ brands all very similar. How do I work out the best quality for money?

    I want to spend around the 500 mark and want a 50" TV however there are good deals in the 48"/ 49" TVs so not overly fussed if the deal is better.

    I fancy a SMART TV but don't know if I need/ want 3D ability.

    Any help