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  1. Weird bosses/ colleagues

    Quote Originally Posted by savus View Post
    A work mate argued for years that his grocery bill wa $20 a week.( A typical family of four)
    It got to the point that if it was a dead shift someone would get him into the same old argument just to get through the night shift.

    Same idiot after being warned by the manager not to answer any call-ins on Christmas Day.
    ( would have been triple time) He came into the plant on Christmas morning. Just to tidy up a few loose ends here and there.
    Claimed he forgot it
  2. albufeira for todays game 1/10/2016

    Brilliant weather here.
    Really enjoyed my afternoon watching the game at the hideaway bar.
    Brilliant atmosphere
    The boy behind the bar is a real character / hilarious
    If anyone is coming out you have to go there.
    Rangers flags inside and out with some nice tunes and the barman joining in with his drumsticks. ��

  3. Rst

    Quote Originally Posted by kilwinnin ranger View Post
    Thanks christine.
    the rst can just keep the tenner, i will cancel my subscription DD before joining club1872.
    Sorry to be dragging this up but the thread was the only way that I ever got a reply from the RST: on 3rd June I received the following email but since then my emails requesting an update have been ignored

    Dear Member,

    We acknowledge your request to withdraw your community shares in BuyRangers, and confirm your application will be processed ...
  4. Daily Mirror break ranks and publish story about a Celtic top wearing rapist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbarton Ger View Post
    Scary stuff. A bit too close to home for my liking

    Anyways there is no way the Rhebel will touch this. They will have been warned about their conduct by Herr Liewell
    The Herald is bound to publish it (not) and will have their usual bigots commenting on the story saying wearing a Celtc top doesn't make the rapist a Celtc supporter and anyway it was photoshopped on to him in 2008
  5. The cretins that wrecked the toilets at the cesspit yesterday

    Quote Originally Posted by J.E.L.A.V.I.C View Post
    Who gives a f uck
    any decent person thats who gives a f**k ! would you say that if they done it at Ibrox.
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