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  1. Getting a mortgage

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    I got a mortgage without showing them a bank statement. Provided my last three payslips and that was it.
    Likewise with Clydesdale.

    Was surprised they never asked to see any bank statements.
    Tried buying my council house recently and not one mortgage company would give me a mortgage 😡
  2. Scottish clubs who restructured their bank debts

    Dundee left tax debt unpaid when they came to their agreement with creditors. The taxman voted against the agreement.
  3. Tracksuit players are travelling in - general sale ?

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    The fact that Pena's tshirt is badgeless suggests that these were hurriedly put together by Puma and do not represent our actual training kit.

    Looks a lot classier this season, black and grey with white and black t shirts.

    King said they will be releasing a new 2nd and third top I'm sure?
  4. If Tav/McKay go for 2.5M good business?

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    And how many players actually do we have that give 7/10 every week?
    not many last season thats why they are all being replaced
    What teams have players that give 7/10 every week
  5. Merchandise Live Tracker - FF

    Going to order two weans and an adult.

    Time to see more bear tops cutting about our city.
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