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  1. England squad for Germany and Lithuania

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavman View Post
    Decent young squad, but no real stand outs in there that could change a game except Alli.
    Yes, that's what I thought. Raheem Sterling isn't up to much.
  2. ** Celtic v Rangers - Match Thread - Sky Sports **

    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo72 View Post
    Good start gers

    Loving the movement at corners
  3. Messi wants Dembele for Barcelona😂

    Quote Originally Posted by ando1873 View Post
    Absolutely astonishing
    FFS do they honestly think people believe this shite? Even worse than Cully Crespo
  4. Leicester V Liverpool

    Quote Originally Posted by papasmurf View Post
    What exactly did ranieri do to piss the players off?

    Get a collective team of barely above average players to play so far above their station and win the EPL?

    Give them all whooping great big pay rises?

    Shower of dicks
    Hard to disagree with any of that.
  5. Robert Rowan - Brentford

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall1873 View Post
    This guy is a fantasist, told Brentford he was first team scout at Celtic, he was not, told Brentford he was SFA video analyst
    He actually only took the videos
    He was with Celtic four weeks as a schoolboy scout and they got shot of him
    Oh and he is the one who is telling people he spoke to Rangers, probably to gets new contract at Brentford
    Never heard of the guy but he's done well for himself if he's a fantasist like you say, he's the director of football at ...
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