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  1. The Charges That Green, Whitehouse & Whyte Faced Today And What They Mean...

    Quote Originally Posted by Disco DeeJay View Post
    Hopefully, this simplifies it a bit, gives an idea of what they have been charged with and possible outcome, if/when found guilty.

    The charge in relation to the Companies Act suggests that Chuckles Green blagged a non-cash asset worth at least 100,000, without the permission of the other Directors. Stadium naming rights??

    From Sky Sports...

    Green faced 4 charges:
    Companies Act 2006, Sec. 190
    Criminal Justice
  2. Green Charged with contravention of section 190 of Companies Act

    Quote Originally Posted by frankieboy View Post
    What sentence does this carry,years i hope
    Had a similar thought surely if Green &Co are proven guilty then said contract is either null and void or is actionable in court?
  3. Sky sports shoe they're only interested in EPL

    Quote Originally Posted by PartickGer View Post
    It's an absolute sandal.
    This thread is even a new loafer here.
  4. Rangers Bar in/near Costa Adeje - Livi 12/9

    Quote Originally Posted by dh1963 View Post
    No brainer, get yourself to the Ibrox Bar.

    Say hello to George for me, I'll be there early November.
    I'm going to be in Costa Adeje over the first week in October. Will the Ibrox pub show the Falkirk home game?
  5. ** Queen of the South 0-1 Rangers - Match Thread - BT Sport **

    [QUOTE=CathkinHi;23556530][QUOTE=200000 Heroes;23556520]Just seen the replay.

    It's close, but I think you're right.

    Looked just offside to me, but it was close[/QUOTE]

    The lineman was 5 yards behind play.[/QUOTE]

    We have controlled it today, apart from the last chance defence has been solid. Miller and Waghorn need to contribute a bit more.
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