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  1. Rangers Bar in/near Costa Adeje - Livi 12/9

    Quote Originally Posted by dh1963 View Post
    No brainer, get yourself to the Ibrox Bar.

    Say hello to George for me, I'll be there early November.
    I'm going to be in Costa Adeje over the first week in October. Will the Ibrox pub show the Falkirk home game?
  2. ** Queen of the South 0-1 Rangers - Match Thread - BT Sport **

    [QUOTE=CathkinHi;23556530][QUOTE=200000 Heroes;23556520]Just seen the replay.

    It's close, but I think you're right.

    Looked just offside to me, but it was close[/QUOTE]

    The lineman was 5 yards behind play.[/QUOTE]

    We have controlled it today, apart from the last chance defence has been solid. Miller and Waghorn need to contribute a bit more.
  3. Honest opinion of today.

    Quote Originally Posted by oldned View Post
    The Hibs game plan worked, they stopped our passing from the back and closed down our midfield, and stopped our forward passing game. We were lucky that they could not finish off their breakaways. But we won a hard game so we must keep going in the correct direction.
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  4. The (Ice) Hockey Thread 2015/16 Season

    Quote Originally Posted by iaatpies View Post
    2-1 Ingolstadt.

    Frustrating period from the Clan. 5 on 5 we look like we can compete but we've been punished on the PK. Picking up a 2nd penalty on the delayed minor first to go 5 on 3 is just stupid and it cost us the 2nd.

    Need to stay out of the box in the 3rd. If we can then we can certainly cause them problems.
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