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  1. Merchandise Live Tracker - FF

    Going to order two weans and an adult.

    Time to see more bear tops cutting about our city.
  2. Carlos Pena Song

    Bored in work the day fellow bluenoses and come up with a Pena song, hope you enjoy it

    OOOOOOOOOOOHHH we’ve got Carlos Pena
    He comes from Mexico
    He doesn’t have a magic hat
    He wears a sombrero

    the revolutions started
    it comes as no surprise
    Now we’ve got our tops on
    We’re going for 55
  3. These videos replays in football now

    Quote Originally Posted by permatan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by devilman View Post
    It's a good idea but they really need to work on the communication. As for using it in Scottish football - Celtic will 100% find a way to abuse it.
    With their history, there's no doubt about it.
    At the moment it looks like three guys around a monitor are calling the shots rather than the ref requesting it. They also need to be telling us why they are going to video review.
  4. Huge fire in London

    I dont understand the need to politicise this tragedy, no wonder so many are disillusioned with today's politics. This is a horrific tragedy that happened in London, not a third world sweat shop. Yet people are more concerned with why May didnt speak to families and Corbyn did.
  5. Harry Forrester - suspended by club

    Quote Originally Posted by supergers07 View Post
    midfielder Harry Forrester after he was sent away from Auchenhowie and told to find himself a club this summer.

    It is understood that boss Caixinha has been less than impressed with Forrester’s attitude and efforts since the squad returned to pre-season training and there is no way back for the 26-year-old at Ibrox.
    Glad to see that we finally have a gaffer who's putting the foot down and getting rid of those who don't deserve to be at the club.
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