View Full Version : Game on Sunday?

26-11-2012, 22:30
Anyone know why tickets for the upper tiers of the Govan and Copland are not available online? Are they being closed for the game?

Thanks in advance :)

Barca Bear
26-11-2012, 22:54
probably sold out.

26-11-2012, 22:56
probably sold out.

Hope so.


The more the merrier

26-11-2012, 23:05
I forgot to buy my seat in the GR when it was season ticket holder pre sale. I went online when the public sale was on but it wouldn't give me GR. I phoned up and managed to get my seat so I'm not really sure what's going on there.

26-11-2012, 23:29
GR and CR were not available first day tickets went on sale. I assumed the club was not opening them for this game.

26-11-2012, 23:30
the bottom tiers will go on sale first looks better on tv

i am in the copland rear with my season ticket