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19-09-2012, 11:00
Having already ranted about last night too much today (still angry) it got me thinking about one of the things that really upset me about last nights match.

The talk of tactics has been done to death already but putting the hoofball to one side there was one other key area that I felt QotS had over us that didn't really require any great skill.

The fact is that they played an organised pressing game where they were able to put our guys under pressure and win the ball back fa easier and in more promising positions.

It was well planned from a tactical point of view but it wouldn't have worked without a decent workrate from all 10 of their outfield players.

In contrast to this I was left feeling despair during Extra Time in particular where they were allowed to stroke it along the back line with no pressure applied whatsoever.

Surely we are missing a trick here just "letting" a team like that dictate and not trying to force a mistake?

Its not genius tactics, its just a bit of hard work.

19-09-2012, 11:03
Think teams in general are pressing us as they sense the defenders are not experienced enough or not comfortable on the ball and thus we then punt it up the park or put it back to alexander who punts it up the park.Think by extra time mcculloch was done in and struggling and thus not able to press,cover,team in general struggling fitness wise and which is not a good sign?
When we do press on the few occasions this season and alst night in packs we got htem to panic and started to get the ball further up the park.

Dallas Cowboy
19-09-2012, 11:04
We still collapse in on ourselves attempting to form the wall of bodies on our own 18yd line, we make no attempt to press the man in possession.

It's the exact same way we've played since it got us to Manchester.

We make the opossitions passing look better than it actually is by giving them all the time and space they need until they reach the edge of the box.

Why we feel the need to employ this "tactic" in SFL 3 is beyond me.

19-09-2012, 11:39
Too many in our squad seem to be going through the motions and expecting something to happen.

19-09-2012, 12:23
The best teams are not only those that can keep the ball and do something with it but also work the hardest when they don't have it, in an attemot to get it back.

Probably the best example of this is Barcelona who, as we all know have fantastic players but there is a terrific work ethic there also. Many think they are so good because they are so talented but it is the work when they don't have the ball that puts so much pressure on their opponenets.

Sadly we're no Barcelona but the same work ethic and willingness to make yourself available to receive a pass should be a must for all Rangers players.

19-09-2012, 12:49
form watching the game yesterday the thing that triggers in my head is the failure to go beyond a layer of the opposition that is pressing us - essentially the midfield line - this is the key - when we do that then the long passes by central defenders and ian blacks incessant across the back passes will be gone - how come he cannot turn possession into progression ? - what we need to do is get mckay in central with 2 others who are good pro's and can pass swiftly - macleod is one , the other next best is probably dean shiels ( black isnt capable imo )

Earl of Leven
19-09-2012, 12:51
As has been said we tried something in 2008 that led to the Miracle of Manchester.

And has been used ever since...only with less and less quality each passing year.

A sea-change is long overdue.

19-09-2012, 16:19
The ridiculous number of passes back to Alexander in the first half were almost entirely due to the pressing that Q of the S employed.
As has been said, you don't need to be a team of world beaters to play the pressing game, just the will to do it and the fitness to maintain it.
We are watching Walter's playing style, only with less talented players.
A change of style is long overdue and given the level we have been forced to play in, this should be the time for that change to take place.

19-09-2012, 16:27
The annoying thing for me is that when these teams press us they do so very well and the player inevitably has to pass back. Yet when we press these teams too many of their players seem to be able to turn our player and create space. given the players we have it should be the other way round.

19-09-2012, 16:32
We were responsible for our own downfall for awhole pile of reasons but QoS played some neat stuff.
They had us on the ropes for a while in the SC final 2008....until Boyd rescued us, if my memory serves me correct.

Decent wee team.....we had better get used to it unfortunately as I guess it shows the gulf across Scottish football from top to bottom isnt as much as most of us think. Its just now we are playing mostly the we teams so theyget to show what they can do, whereas previously wee might only meet them once a year.

19-09-2012, 22:54
The thing that upset me most was that QoS play this game all the time and their manager talked about it in the run up to the game. Our management team didn't have an answer to it even with advance notice.

the upsetter
19-09-2012, 23:04
Controversial for some I realise but for pressing the ball see Barcelona.

Of course we don't have the technique or basic skills to retain possession like them but surely we can organise ourselves into trying to win back possession or prevent our opponents from passing the ball about with ease.

It doesn't seem to be part of our footballing philosophy and I'm fed up with the amount of times I've seen teams rip us up because we don't get in about them.

In a nutshell,close them down.

Rt. Hon. Bearman
19-09-2012, 23:04
If you allow the opposition to have the ball then it is only a matter of time before they do something with it.

In recent years, virtually every single unexpected or disappointing defeat we've suffered - whether it be an Old Firm game or a CL match, or a game like last night - I have watched us stand off players when they have the ball. Why?

The one that springs to mind is from the Old Firm game in December last year. They scored from a corner, which came about due to a James Forrest shot which McGregor saved.

Watch what we do when Forrest is in possession. We just retreat back as his runs forwards. We allow him to take a shot.


Instead of doing this, why didn't we stop, stand our ground and tackle him? We might not have got the ball off him, but we would have at least forced him into making a pass, rather than have a crack at goal.

I can't find any decent footage of it, but from what I remember we lost goals against Unirea this way as well. Standing daydreaming whilst they have the ball.

We seem to have this "let them pass it around, they won't do much with it, we'll just conserve energy and watch them" attitude which always comes and bites us on the arse.

Being fit enough to close down the opposition is half the battle in football. It's something which should be drummed into players at every training session. Learn to do this without the ball, and learn to one-touch pass when you do have it, and you won't go far wrong. That's the way that Europe's best clubs train their youngsters. Any club can do it, I just wish we would start.

The Five-Finger Man
21-09-2012, 10:55
When we do press on the few occasions this season and alst night in packs we got them to panic and started to get the ball further up the park.

We should do this every week, especially at Ibrox. Opposing defenders should be in a state of terror when the ball comes to them.

Too many in our squad seem to be going through the motions and expecting something to happen.

Is this also the case with the manager?

21-09-2012, 12:21
Our lack of imagination, skill and effort is seriously worrying, however it's the lack of the very basics that is completely unnaceptable.