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08-03-2012, 20:40
In light of the revelations regarding Whyte using the Ticketus money to fund his takeover and clear the debt with Lloyds, has there been any explanation offered as to why this wasn't considered as an option by the previous board ?

In seasons past the bank has us by the hairy beanbag and much was made of our inabilty to fund transfers/contract renewals etc. Could that money have been used to dig us out before He Who Shall Not Be Named got his sticky fingers on our heritage?

Did the prev board realise the baw was burst and hope to sell the club before the merde and fan collided or could they have kept a lid on some of the dealings that have led to our great club being targetted by every tim, dick and harry.

Interested to see if any of the prev board have spoken on this and explained why this wasn't considered, especially when Ticketus appear to have readily stumped the cash up to Whyte

Thoughts please

08-03-2012, 20:43
Use of Ticketus is only sensible in business terms for a couple of months to smooth cashflow.

The way Whyte used it was suicidal.

08-03-2012, 20:46
Nearly 3 seasons ago, an option on season ticket renewal forms was for fans to take up a 3 year option with a small saving if they did.

I'm pretty sure the previous regime were looking at a Ticketus borrowing option then and that was there way of guaranteeing the 3 years of season ticket income to work out their potential borrowings.

08-03-2012, 20:51
Ticketus is like the football equivalent of wonga.com to use it on anything other than a small scale is totally irresponsible