View Full Version : Hearts game in Tokyo/Tokio?

22-10-2011, 15:29
Anyone possibly know of a pub in Tokyo that would be showing the game tomorrow? - Seems like a shot in the dark, but there's about 10 million people here, so maybe somewhere in this mass of humanity there's a small group of bears with a regular place to watch the game.

(Tokio is for the benefit of any old HeidTheBaw posters)

22-10-2011, 15:37
There is a pub chain called The Hub that shows all the EPL games. There are several around Tokyo, best one being in Roppongi.

22-10-2011, 15:55
Yeah, there's one about two minutes from my "hoteru" that shows EPL, but hoping for SPL instead .... online loyal it will be I guess

Thanks anyway.

"The Hub" ; reminds me of an old dive in Wishaw.

22-10-2011, 16:55
I'm sure if you ask the emperor nicely he'll let you see the game .

Hate to hijack the thread but what are you doing in Tokyo?