View Full Version : Any Aussie Bears in Adelaide

22-10-2011, 13:02

Looking for a bit of help my friend has just went to Adelaide with her boyfriend and he is looking for work Ross is an electrician. Can you tell me where the local bears watch the games, he has joined the supporters club but he hasn't went yet as they have only been there for couple of days.

Hope you can help. WATP

22-10-2011, 13:18
They have a facebook page so you may get thie info there or be more likely to get a response to your question due to the time difference.


22-10-2011, 13:32
The club meets at pennyshill rd hackam,in a small church/orange hall,he'll be made more than welcome,next game is tommorrow v the jambos ,hope this helps,there is also the john brown loyal website