View Full Version : Rangers and the media . Do we really need them ?

21-10-2011, 20:48
Do Rangers need the media ?

A daft question at first but a very valid one . With all the shite that the BBC , Radio Clyde and the daily record spout etc about us it seems strange why we allow players to do interviews , allow them to advertise at Ibrox etc , especially when we have our own inhouse media which is more than capable of bridging the gap .

We have our own internet TV station , Rangers TV which has its own wee news programme the rather aptly named Blues News .

We have the Rangers monthly a magazine which covers all that has gone on in the preceding month and includes various nuggets of fascinating historical information from those bygone days of yore , an ask Ian colum ( Think of it as the Ibrox equivalent of Dear Deidre :D ) training advice from Adam Owen and last but not least dietary advice from head chef Paul Lafferty . Not to mention The Blue Belles where a female gets to model the Rangers kit .

We also have a Facebook and Twitter page that are excellent and are helping to keep the younger fans up to date with events at Ibrox .

Not forgetting to mention the matchday programmes which have a fair amount of interviews and nuggets of fascinating historical information .

If we did ditch the Record , Clyde , BBC altogether then I suspect we might deal a big blow to them after all without interviews from the players or management they might be struggling to fill up their airtime and papers. After all there is a limit to the amount of times you can mention the same time after time not although the scottish media are unaware of this .