View Full Version : Scots and Non Scots In team

19-08-2011, 09:15
One noticeable thing about the Smith years (2nd time around) was the amount of Scots in the team. We regularly had seven or eight starting.

For various reasons we had 4 (McGregor, Broadfoot, Wallace and McCulloch) for the second half last night. Is the "playing for Rangers" mentality not as clear in non-Scots as it is in Scottish players?

We have also lost Davie Weir, maybe too old, but still a leader on the park, and replaced him with the invisible man. I said that Davis would not make a good captain, it has actually taken his footballing influence away from the team too.

At the moment we seem rudderless, shambolic and without ideas. We need to play to OUR strengths, and work the team around the important players, not fir them around the others. Make Davis our centre-midfielder. Give him support (either McCulloch or Edu, never both). Get some wide players on that an go at a man (Lafferty was clearly never fit enough to play last night, Wylde would have been a better choice). Get a leader on the pitch, and I mean a man that can rise above his game to influence others, McCulloch would have been my choice, but as long as the man is a leader I don't care who it is.

We seem to have brought in a lot of "foreign" players, and I wonder if they care about the shirt, or are just here for the money. The likes of Albertz and Novo prove that foreign players can become "Rangers" men, I'm not sure Ortiz et al come into that category.

We have too many passengers in the team, too many doing things alien to them. Football can be a simple game, let's keep what we do simple.