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25-05-2011, 07:53
Hiya guys! If I'm annoying you all with general charity stuff just say lol... Don't want to be pissing anyone off lol!

So the story goes now - Got some Rangers Charity Badges - I've attached a photo! We are selling these for 2.00 each to raise money for the challenge with free postage and packaging!

We are selling them in two ways:

Pay via Paypal - our email is arctic-challenge@hotmail.co.uk - HOWEVER nearly 25% of your payment gets taken off by Paypal for fees (dodgy buggers considering its for charity!)
Or... 'donate' via our JustGiving page - www.justgiving.com/Greg-Levi - then the whole 2.00 per badge goes straight to the charity plus gift aid!

The only thing with 'donating' via the Justgiving page is that you need to declare that you are not receiving items in return. Which ofcourse you are - but if you email me your postal address I'll send them straight to you...

So if anyone is interested just let me know!

Again if I'm being a pain in the arse I really am sorry but 12,000 is harder to reach than I first initially thought lol!

Cheers guys x
P.S - We are doing a charity skydive and there is about 6 spaces left - so if anyone out there is interested, drop me an email & I'll send you the details!

Photo (http://yfrog.com/gzx0trvj?sms_ss=tumblr&at_xt=4ddbf8c2d0310f01,0)

Twitter: @Arctic_GregLevi
Website: www.arctic-challenge.co.uk

25-05-2011, 08:00
Just paid for 5 mate,do you need my address by pm or can you get it from the paypal payment?

25-05-2011, 08:34
just stuck in a tenner mate.
email with address on the way :)

25-05-2011, 09:03
Earnger if you just email me your address to arctic-challenge@hotmail.co.uk thank you!

25-05-2011, 09:38
That's another 10 towards your target mate

25-05-2011, 10:16
10 on it's way.

25-05-2011, 10:23
And another tenner ;)

25-05-2011, 10:59
I honestly cant thank you enough guys!! The help is much appreciated - and the badges are lovely so its an extra bonus!

Thank you so much :)


26-05-2011, 10:23
badges came today, thanks.

26-05-2011, 10:39
10 sent.............

26-05-2011, 12:54
got my badges :)

26-05-2011, 13:20
10 on its way

Good luck with it all