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22-05-2011, 18:01
Gutted for Mcleish getting relegated, BUT we should definitely be exploiting this and snapping him up! Great player with a lot of dig and good creativity. A must buy!

22-05-2011, 18:03
He'll be snapped up by an EPL side.

22-05-2011, 18:04
Spot on op, great wee player!

22-05-2011, 18:12
Great player but B'ham will be looking for 4m plus.

22-05-2011, 18:12
Cracking player.

We have no chance of being able to afford him though.

22-05-2011, 18:14
Yeah I rate him highly......ugly as sin but can play a bit.

22-05-2011, 18:22
He will no doubt be priced out of our reach, some people really need to get a reality check, now that we are debt free shouldnt mean we go back to the boom and burst scenario we did under Murray, working within our means should be the name of the game

22-05-2011, 18:23
Great player.

I can't see us being able to afford him, though.

He'll end up going to a top 10 team in the EPL.

22-05-2011, 18:45
I would love to take either Gardner, Johnson or Dann

22-05-2011, 18:48
All about wages im afraid , actually heard a bit on the radio saying he was a brummy boy born and bred and no matter the outcome he was staying .

We will see :D

Bowery Boys
22-05-2011, 18:49
I'd take Ridgwell or Johnson to play at the back.

22-05-2011, 18:52
Sad thing is we can barely compete with Championship teams even with a few quid more so would be very surprised if we get in any "big" players from down south. Mind u I never thought we would sign Diouf!!

Slamannan Blue
22-05-2011, 18:54
Cracking player.

Doubt we could afford him though. He'll be playing in the EPL next season IMO.

22-05-2011, 18:55
Gardner will be at another EPL side next season. We can't compete with what that league can offer in wages.

22-05-2011, 19:33
He will be the first to get snapped up followed by Roger Johnson, can't see us matching the deals that will get offered elsewhere particularly when you factor in the glamour of playing the in the EPL compared to the SPL. Would love us get him though!

22-05-2011, 19:35
Smashing player.

He was very lucky not to be sent off today again though for diving.....

22-05-2011, 19:54
brilliant player

gutted for big eck but he'd happily pinch our best players under unfortunate circumstances, go for it...

22-05-2011, 20:13
If the price is right then would definetely take him. My only fear is a Prem team would come in for him.

22-05-2011, 20:31
I would love to take either Gardner, Johnson or Dann

yes Yes and YES!

22-05-2011, 20:32
He'll be snapped up by an EPL side.

this, Gardner will easily get an EPL side willing to pay him 40 grand a week plus