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22-05-2011, 10:18
Sectarianism as it’s called is breed from the repressive and narrow minded, brainwashing education that many children receive from Catholic schools where they are prevented from mixing with other children so as to build empathy with their neighbours. Catholic only schools surely breeds bigotry,we should end faith only schools and the British state should stop funding those that wish to opt out of the British main stream schooling system.(France forbid faith only schools for example,there arent any!)

The Celtic Manager shouting “Dirty Orange Bastards” at Rangers fans and spitting on a Rangers scarf, now if David Healy or Kyle Lafferty reciprocated you can imagine the outcry.Should the police be investigating this sectarian rant and using video evidence to question Mr Lennon.
Celtic still chant IRA songs despite the current killings of young officers serving in the PSNI !
Celtic supporters clubs still collecting money for “the cause” that still murders people
Celtic supporters from the green brigade who branded the anti troops banners have still not been arrested!
Celtic’s Neil Lennon still not arrested for his sectarian outbourst in 2007 never mind never being investigated!
The Catholic church’s role in collaborating with the IRA with priests such as Ftr Chesney.
Political aye!!!!

22-05-2011, 10:32
But they mean well...

22-05-2011, 10:48
Not forgetting one of their former star players has a penchant for straight arm salutes and is admirer of Mussolini and the fascist movement ( Di Canio)