View Full Version : Pushed into a corner...we have no choice

Blue Tack
21-04-2011, 12:46
It is now clear there is a clear and certain collective campaign to dis-credit Rangers FC and our fans,Dundee Uniteds latest complaint has shown that we are under attack from all ,i mean Dundee United....offended...really ?

We must hit back ,and any mention of the word " hun " ..." orange ba stards" etc etc by ANY other team toward us must be challenged ,okay we all know singing TBB & NPOR will get us in trouble but im not having Brendan O Ffended turning up at any other SPL ground this season trying to get us done ,and i'll tell you something else ,if this sh it continues i can see bother flaring .
When we win the league i will celebrate it like no other ,everything is being done to make sure TLB has as much help as possible securing the title .

It now must be tit-for-tat ,difference being there is so many of us that collectivley we can crush a lot of these daft little clubs like Dundee United,ive hit my limit with tolerance,okay it might be a pain to write,phone,complain about other clubs if this starts to crop up at any away ground we visit but we MUST do it,its the only way we can counter these idiots,we CAN crush our enemies,forget help from the club,it just wont happen ,we have to do it ourselves but you just cant keep pushing a huge support like ours and expect us not to fu cking bite back...bring it you offended fu cks

21-04-2011, 12:49
Dundee United need boycotted.

How much money have our fans given them since the debacle of the abandoned game??

Some fans say they just can't stay away. I believe that hitting this mob in the pocket will do us more good in the long term than our attendance will at Tannadice.

They say they can live without us, let's see them try....

21-04-2011, 12:52
Boycott that shite hole, we need to do something.

21-04-2011, 12:52
Individuals cant do anything that will be noticed !!

Supporters Trust need to lead a co-ordinated boycott of away games ....... and indeed one targetted home game.

Every day now, we have a new 'Rangers Bad' story.....and not a peep from those in charge of the club ...... they will do absolutely nothing if we keep turning up ... we need to make a stand quickly ..... otherwise our club will die IMHO !!!

Earl of Leven
21-04-2011, 12:52
Arab Trust timed this to give aid and support to celtic FC...no doubt at all.

Please, please start any boycott with Tannadump.

21-04-2011, 12:52
Why dont people grow a spine and a set of ****ing balls and be men??

Who gets offended by songs ffs:roll:

I know a couple of utd fans who are embarressed that the arab trust has moaned and whinged like ****in saps and so they should.

1 of them especially, he loves getting it up the taigs. Gave rab douglas pelters on a night out once but thats for another thread:D

21-04-2011, 12:55
Only the ubers :roll: state that they can't stay away. Any fan with the future of the club at heart would be willing to make any stand that is required.

Including boycotting away games! ;)

Earl of Leven
21-04-2011, 12:59
Not one single fan who says

"I'd break boycott and go anyway"

could ever be described as an uber...in fact the exact opposite. As long as we fail to show any fight we'll be slapped about like a beaten wife who can't leave her man. Strength, and being an 'uber' (sh** phrase!) is knowing when to protect LONG TERM interests of club and its fans.

21-04-2011, 13:03
Only the ubers :roll: state that they can't stay away. Any fan with the future of the club at heart would be willing to make any stand that is required.

Including boycotting away games! ;)

What exactly IS an " uber" ?

21-04-2011, 13:06
Anyone spot the irony here?



21-04-2011, 13:07
We need a campaign to encourage the Rangers supporters to boycott Tannadice next season, we have been talking about this for years and now is the time to act upon it.

Would be nice to see Stephen Thompson squirm at the news!

Earl of Leven
21-04-2011, 13:08
Good spot!!!! great screen grab and there is RFC's reply. Game over, nae luck Arab scum.

21-04-2011, 13:10
What exactly IS an " uber" ?

An uber fan is the most loyal, goes to every game home and away, bleeds blue blood and can never be wrong.

Much better than your average joe bloggs supporters:D

No Money No Problems
21-04-2011, 13:13
Cant believe what I read this morning, Dundee Utd should feel our wrath . . . . . . . . in their pockets. That clu is more skint than us, so hit them where it hurts!

21-04-2011, 13:20
They have 6m of debt and their last accounts stated their turnover was 6m which included a 3rd finish in the league and a cup win.

We can really hurt them here, lets do it!

21-04-2011, 13:30
I think we need to focus on the following points;

1. Keep the obvious words out of our songs and support our team as loudly as on Tuesday (fan-****en-tastic)
2. Highlight examples of the USE of Hun and Orange b's to FARE, UEFA and Scottish rags (distribution list) This would best come from a single body, such as the RST. Strong focused message.
3. Don't get drawn into discussions about sectarian signing in the phone ins.
There is nothing to be gained by tit for tat discussions on Radio phone-ins, especially when the agenda is obviously anti Rangers.

This will blow over in time. In the meantime, we need to keep our noses clean and celebrate like **** when we win the league.