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21-04-2011, 08:33
Woke up this morning sitting down to my cup of tea and switched on Daybreak and the first thing i see is a load of tims sitting in Bairds Bar giving off about the bomb threats. Bit ironic that, given Bairds Bar is one of the most sectarian vile holes in Glasgow. How can tthey find this an adequate place to interview people:confused:

Now what annoys me is, why when referees etc were getting threatened by the scum that it wasnt reported on national television. Nacho Novo, Andy Goram, Kyle Lafferty, Maurice Edu to name a few have been targets of sectarian attacks and threats in the past.

Has anyone actually sat back and wondered why lennon has been getting threats. Im not saying its right, but he has brought alot of this on himself. Martin O'Neill was a Northern Irish Catholic, but never once was he targetted. I cant think of any other Celtic manager targetted in the same way Lennon has. Lennon is a mouthy scumbag piece of shit. Do the media not remember his dealings with Slab Murphy, one of the biggest Terrorists to walk the British Isles??

Again the media, politicians and police that were interviewed this morning jumped on the band wagon blaming sectarian Rangers fans. Where is the proof that this is actually a sectarian attack? Where is the proof it was a Rangers fan?

21-04-2011, 08:34
This subject has been covered during the past 24 hours. Please look down the board to find the relevant thread.