View Full Version : Berkshire Royal Loyal this Sunday - travel

sgt steve mcgarrett
30-12-2010, 15:40
The Red Lion (Southampton Street) is open as usual and looking forward to welcoming one and all to the festivities. However anyone planning on travelling into Reading by train is recommended to check out travel plans as I believe Reading station is closed or partially closed this week.

Any The Facebookers might enjoy this wee snippet from the last Old Firm :)


30-12-2010, 16:19
Anyone coming from the Waterloo line will have to get a bus replacement from Wokingham, at least that's what I had to do yesterday.

Eric Cartman
18-07-2011, 18:28
will the Blackpool game be on in the Red Lion this wednesday night?

i am in town from Australia for the week and would love to stop by if possible