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A riot during and after the OF league match on Ne'erday 1902. (Guess who won?)

The part played by Maley's comments regards the 1909 'Hampden Riot' final and the majority of his players malingering on the pitch at the end of the replay.

Maley trying to sell star man McGrory behind his back AFTER a trip to Varoukasville in the 1920s.

Maley refusing to pay McGrory as much as the other players in a fit of spite thereafter.

Maley's poison at the Thomson/English FAI in October 1931.

The cesspit being shut down after a 'riot' by their fans at Ibrox in September 1941 (partly because of their pro Irish sentiment and Ireland being a pro Nazi state at the time)

The yahoos blaming the ref (what's new?) for yet another OF defeat in June 1946 and a crazed yahoo running onto the park with a bottle trying to 'glass' the unfortunate official.

A 'bottle party' at Ibrox on Ne'erday 1949

A 'bottle party' at Ibrox after the Cox/Tully incident later that year.

A 'bottle party' at the cesspit on Ne'erday 1952 and the SFA very nearly grew a backbone (at Hibs' behest) in taking them on. I did say, very nearly, and shamefully our own Chairman Baillie Wilson helped them out.

They wrecked Middlesborough at the end of the 50s' (1959 I think) after a seven goal drubbing.

Telling 'Ba Face' he had to leave the cesspit on account of his religion circa the same period.

Two men (Paddy Crerand and Mike Jackson) sent off in a five-a-sides match circa 61/62.

The Ibrox riot of 1962 after St Mirren 'gubbed' them in the Scottish Cup semi final. Even old man Robert (the bigot) Kelly had no option but to concede the tie.

TGFITW displays of May 15th 1963 and October 24th 1964, both at Hampden, when the hoopy hordes flocked out in their tens of thousands rather than support their team.

A riot down in Liverpool in 1966 after they were put out of the ECWC. To this day they still tell lies about a disallowed goal that was nothing of the sort.

They got lucky for awhile.

Ba Face admitting on a TV documentary in 1972 that Kelly told hm to leave the cesspit for managerial reasons on account of his religion.

McBungle holding up 8 digits to the sellik end after the Centenary Cup final defeat. The worst losers in the world at your service.

Booing and jeering the minute's silence for Bobby McKean in March 1978.

Wanting to make Ba Face a Pools Agent, in spite of all he had achieved for them ON ACCOUNT OF HIS RELIGION in the same year.

Telling 'King Kenny' he was an orange bastard at a testimonial for ba face, also in the same year.

Rioting in Burnley in 1978 after an Anglo-Scottish Cup defeat. Even McBungle is quoted as calling them 'scum' afterwards.

Causing the 1980 Hampden Riot because they are the worst winners in sport. The captain from seven years previously is now the captain. Is this a coincidence?

Filling the cesspit with songs of glee because of the death of a Protestant Minister, Robert Bradford, in November 1981.

Allowing a Provie Band to play at a friendly down in Ipswich in 1982.

1984 - Nah, it's more like animal farm against Rapid Vienna and the provie band are allowed to promote their hatred and bile once again at Old Trafford.

1986 - English captains of Rangers and family are fair game for the craicskaters in restaurants.

1987 - Ex Celtic manager goes to a Clydebank car park. The rest is history.

Battering an ex hero's old man. Punters being stopped from attending an Old Firm game at the cesspit because of their hatred, aforementioned ex hero sent numerous death threats from the self styled GFITW and all for signing for Rangers, in 1989.

Whistling and jeering all through the minute's silence for the 20th anniversary of the Ibrox Disaster.

Death threats to a high profile member of one of the 'Families'.
(The rest till they are gone is fecking funny)

Being banned from an OF game because of wanton, deliberate and persistent scummery.

Mangement trying to defend and justify said wanton, deliberate and persistent scummery.

Hugh Dallas - March 1997 Malky MacKay, Di Cannio, unfettered hatred; say no more.

Hugh Dallas - May 1999 Coins, pie queue divers, smashed windows; say no more.

Proviefest in Royston on the weekend of April 6/7th 2001.
Players goading Rangers fans outside Ibrox after a match in the same month.
Fan mocking 9/11
A wreath laid by the Rangers party to New York vandalised by yahoos

And so it goes on.

It shouldn't need me to bring you up to date with the goings on of the last five years.

It simply remains for me to say that Celtic FC were, are and always will be the biggest single sporting and social CANCER in Scottish society.
And in the early 60's a Labour MP,Hugh Delargy called for the liquidation of Celtic football club after numerous people were slashed with broken bottles by Yahoos in town for a match at Dens Park.

Jock Stein jumping into the crowd to stop IRA chants in the early 70s
Gordon Strachan attacked twice by Celtic fans
Missiles thrown on the park v Rapid Vienna
Two Rapid Vienna players attacked at the replay at Old Trafford
Celtic Park closed by UEFA the following year
A cover up of systematic child abuse carried out with the tacit knowledge of Celtic FC
Rioting at Burnley and the game held up in 1978
Celtic fans encroaching on the pitch at Hampden in 1980 and thus instigating the Hamped Riot
Singing and chanting of spport of IRA atrocities in English cities devasted by IRA bombing campaigns
The worst display of racist abuse ever seen in a British football stadium in January 1988 when Mark Walters was showered with hundreds of bananas and subjected to monkey noises by thousands of fans
Marring the minutes silence im memory of the Ibrox Disaster by making disgusting and anti protestant chants
Injuring Hugh Dallas with missiles in May 1999
At least three fans invading the pich v Rangers in May 1999
Hugh Dallas's house windows smashed after game in May 1999

Drug dealer supporters shooting each other in Amsterdam
Marring a minutes silence for the Queen Mother
Marring a minutes silence for 9/11
Desecrating a plaque left by Rangers FC at Ground Zero
Making disgusting plane gestures, in the wake of 9/11, to Claudio Reyna
A commercial flight diverted by the pilot and RAF fighters scrambled to escort the plane down, due to misbehaving fans
Rioting at Vigo airport
Rioting and ticket forging at Blackburn
Stabbing fellow fans in Seville
Stabbing fellow fans at Firhill
A fan invading the pitch v Manchester United in 2006.

The Greatest Fans In The World?

Don't make me feckin' laugh....

not to mention the mockery of the minutes silence for the victims of enniskillen

tossing cs gas cannisters at hibs fans at easter rd

stabbings in amsterdam
diverted planes
60mullion in suvul!

they truly are scum of the highest order!

A Republican flute band at a Testimonial v Ipswich in the early 80s

Pure class!!

Grafitti appearing, the day after the Innniskilling atrocity in 1987, near Parjhead saying " Inniskilling..ha, ha"

Their refusal by managers and staff to wear poppies during Remembrance time in November.

Abuse of British Army troops by various Celtic supporters on motorways

Celtic fans wearing balaclavas at Celtic Park in honour of 'Ireland's Heroes'

In addition to the general thuggery, the following instances of thieving (from their own I may add) have all happened in the last year

-Buckie drinking Shellik strip wearing neds stealing strips from Jinky's graveside
-A Shellik barman arrested over theft from Jinky's tribute slap bang outside Shellik Park
-Another Shellik employee arrested over theft of players' strips and the attempted re-set in the Vogue Bar in Rutherglan
- A Shellik minded poster ripping off her fellow fans by missapropriating charity funds collected for Jinky's Motor-neurone charity

Didn't the scummy bassas not also desecrate Davie Coopers memorial statue and also the memorial for the Ibrox Disaster outside Ibrox?

Celtic Park closed during WW2 because the proto TGFITW were chanting pro Germany and Nazi slogans

This article from the PDF file thats going about says it all really, there was a cover up from the top down at Celtic Park:

Cover Up

's former board were part of an astonishing cover-up over abuse allegations against Frank Cairney.
They agreed a shameful deal that allowed the boys' club boss to avoid a police probe.
Today FOUR former Celtic Boys' Club officials break their silence about the scandal on a trip to America.
The Record can reveal:
Cairney was told police wouldn't be called if he quit the club immediately.

chairman Jack McGinn allowed Cairney's written resignation to say it was for `business reasons'.
The boy's parents were also sworn to secrecy.
But now we can reveal the truth behind the pact struck with Cairney at an airport cafe in Boston five years ago.
Former boys' club chairman Jim McNally, who was on the trip, said: "Any cover-up was not at our level.
"The other officials and myself have come forward because we have acted in good faith throughout.
"It has been painful and taken a great toll on all of our lives. But we want the truth to come out and we're prepared to stand up and be

They all knew. McNeil stated in court, under oath, that it was an open secret inside the piggery. So as if it wasn't bad enough that Stein knew what was happening and never informed the authorities, only going as far as throwing Torbett out the door, everyone else inside the club knew too, and once again did nothing.

To think, there must've been people inside the club - officials, coaching staff and even players - who will have been dealing with Torbett in some form or another, all the while knowing what he was doing to young boys, and STILL they did nothing. For me there should've been dozens of people at celtic charged as accessories to his crimes as they knew what was going on and never informed the police.

Some club eh?
* Formed to ensure religious separation among the poor immigrant population.
* Its longest serving manager hinting the death of his goalkeeper wasn't an accident, when even the keeper's family had acknowledged it was.
* Threatened with closure during WW2 for their fans open support of Nazi Germany.
* Open support for terrorism and child murderers, both from the fans AND the people running the club
* Allowing a republican folk band to film a pro IRA music video INSIDE the piggery, with full access to all areas including the pitch itself
* The sectarian murders of Rangers fans, shown in official police figures to be more frequent than their celtic counterparts, covered up by a complicit mhedia
* The riots of their fans at home and all over Europe (including having a passenger jet DIVERTED) and having the most fans arrested at any one European tie.
* The cover up of 2 players caught on video taking part in a provofest at a celtic function, with at least one of them clearly chanting 'Sinn Fein' and 'IRA'.
* The club, through an officially recognised, approved and funded fans group, hiring a convicted IRA terrorist to paint the Jock Stein banner.
* The worst case of racist abuse ever seen at a sporting event on Mark Walters' debut at the piggery on 2nd January 1988.
* A photographer for the club's official publication caught with hundreds of child porn photographs in his locker at the piggery.
* The many cases of Referees and other match officials (and their families) attacked, threatened and abused by celtic fans because of decisions given against their team.
* Their past captain caught on live tv shouting sectarian obscenities to Rangers fans and officials.
* Their then manager witnessed shouting the same sectarian obscenities to Rangers fans that same day.
* One of their former players (who also played for us) having to decline an invitation to take part for both sides (a half each) in a charity match because of fears for his safety due to threats from celtic fans.
* And, of course, the systematic sex abuse of children in their care and (what was worse imho) the systematic cover up of said sex abuse over a period of decades.

If their is a more tainted, more shameful (no, shameLESS) more bigoted and more evil club on the face of the earth then i've yet to see it.

Following the untimely death of Garry Lynch a sickening ten page thread of abuse was allowed to remain on one of their fans websites and shameful content posted on You Tube.

IRA song book in Manchester, various broken seats and numerous incidents involving violence, the most shameful saw a young kid hit on the head with half a brick and required hospital treatment. More included service station attacks on innocent people.

Celtic FC - Scotland's secret shame!

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what a lovely bunch.

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the insane ramblings of a psyhcodelic warped generate mind

(c) P Lawell Director of the Ministry of Truth

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there are loads of other incidents that could be added. Newcastle the other year for example where fans and players alike disgraced themselves.

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Well writen. Bet the press would never print it though.

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Oh the jolly craicsters and their dum de diddly dum de diddly dum de diddly dum de diddly dum de diddly dumb hatred of the country they live in.

There history is one long list of shame.

The Treble Kings
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Causing the 1980 Hampden Riot because they are the worst winners in sport. The captain from seven years previously is now the captain. Is this a coincidence?

'Now the manager' you mean.

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whats the problem it's only a bit of craic.

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Mate the list goes on ages and will have plenty of stuff added in the future!


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There was an OLd Firm Glasgow Cup tie at Parkhead in, from memory, the first decade of the twentieth century when, according to press reports, they would not give the referee his tea after the match. Again from memory, he had given them a penalty and let them retake it after it was missed. Quite what they were expecting, I do not know.

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Send this to every newspaper in Britain. See if you can read some of it out on the football talk shows. I didn't know all that stuff about Maley. What a loathesome, verminous, despicable, anti Presbyterian, pro Ra, deviant, vile, lowlife bastard. A disgusting arse of a man tailor made for the sub humans of the piggery.

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Sweep sweep ........Juan Ghuy

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