View Full Version : Content on Rangers TV

25-06-2017, 20:54
Thought i'd have a look through Rangers TV tonight and look for some old European games to watch in preparation for Thursday night, i'm that up for it!!
Sat and watched 30 min highlights of games against Bayern, Parma, Stuttgart and a few others.
That led me to having a look to see what else is hidden away and i was surprised with the content on the site. A lot of it you can tell was made quite a few years ago but there's still some fantastic things to watch.
Has to be at least 100 hours worth of cracking stuff.
Just going to watch a 52 minute in depth interview with Dado Prso on his time at the club!

Only 12 a month for the unlimited access subscription to RTV, it's well worth it bears and a great way of putting some more money into the club!!

Sign up if you haven't already!