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23-06-2017, 12:28
Was this immediate or effective 1st July. Have seen a link to a Twitter page which suggests it was 1st July but can't imagine King would have been urging us to buy straight away if that was the case!?

Anyone able to call bullshit on this one?

23-06-2017, 12:34
I'd imagine that's a tango attempt by them tbh. As in haha you've all just been duped by the glib liar into gaving ashley his last few years expected profits etc just to get out the existing contract blah blah blah. Heard some crackers already. Best to just ignore.

23-06-2017, 12:37
There's no way King would've announced it without a date if it wasn't immediate.

The Big Cheese
23-06-2017, 12:44
2:54pm on the 21st June.

23-06-2017, 12:45
There was a new agreement effective immediately, if it didnt start until July 1st i think King might have mentioned it lol they are complete Thicko's

23-06-2017, 12:50
I would imagine that twitter page said it is all a con by King to get us to pay off Ashley for him and that is the deal that King and Ashley struck.

Mad looney obsessive whanks.

23-06-2017, 12:52
You just need to look at the obsessing of the domain transfer from Rangers Retail Ltd to Sports Direct as an indicator of their mentalness.

Of course the domain would transfer to the company looking after our retail options, Rangers Retail Ltd is being wound down effective immediately, as Dave King suggested.

They are not normal people.

23-06-2017, 13:08
Some of their obsession isn't even funny anymore its just plain boring proper jackanory stuff made up by someone in their bedroom, it's not just that lot i've got Accies, Falkirk and Thistle fans in my work taking the news as gospel.

It's a deal that suits all parties. We get our Retail Exposure/Profits and Identity back. Ashley probably makes more in the next 12 months than he would have over the next 6 yrs and gets rid of what i would expect is a large backlog of stock it is a win/win for both parties.

The spin they are trying to put on it is just wishful thinking. At the end of the day fan power has won out the vast majoirty of us stuck together and i think ground SD down. I don't believe for a minute they thought the boycott would hold out but it did and whether it was Ashely or his senior advisors that came back to the table we can put this struggle behind us and move on.

23-06-2017, 13:13
Does anyone think King is stupid?
He's not going to tell you in June it's ok to buy now if it's not effective till July
What possible reason would he have to do that?

23-06-2017, 13:32
It's effective immediately.

Right now, our operations are controlled by Rangers Retail Ltd. this is to be wound up and we will receive a majority dividend, consistent with the new arrangement.

Buy away.

23-06-2017, 13:41
I'm sure Dave King said in the presser, that the deal was signed at 3:06pm, (and from there the previous was scrapped!)

23-06-2017, 13:48
The new deal was effective immediately. Nonsense like the 1st of July is an obbssed one trying to wind people up. They're gutted we are on the mend and are only kidding themselves on that this isn't good news for us. An honest Celtic fan would say they're worried and there's not many of those around.

23-06-2017, 13:54
At the price of the tops I doubt there will be much profit in this anyway at this time. All we saw was a celebration that moving forward we are now on a level playing field with regards to the merchandise and can now support our team by wearing the colours. If we all spent our cash on the strips and got it wrong then that would only be a problem if we then didn't buy anymore released merchandise! That isn't going to happen, when the first new strip comes out it will be the best selling top in our history!