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20-02-2017, 22:30
From @Bruce_Archer89 (Express)

20-02-2017, 22:32
As long as its till the end of the season only. I have no idea of his qualities and whether he will make any d8fference

Walter Loyal
20-02-2017, 22:34
I hope not. He seems to be a good assistant manager but has failed in all of three of his management jobs.

20-02-2017, 22:35
Horrendous job at WBA.

Would be an awful choice.

20-02-2017, 22:37
Fuq it!
After the names banded about in the past half hour alone, I'm away to fire in my champ manager cv

20-02-2017, 22:43
From @Bruce_Archer89 (Express)

have to say i know alan from the past and he is a quality man .

20-02-2017, 22:46
Dearie me , time for bed.

Archibald Leitch
20-02-2017, 23:36
have to say i know alan from the past and he is a quality man .

If only we were just looking for a quality man.
He's one of those who has never been destined to be a good manager, however much his player-development skills stand out.
He would lose the dressing-room in no time.

21-02-2017, 00:24
I would rather bring back Kenny mc dowell ......ffs.😗

Battlefield Bear
21-02-2017, 00:52
Possibly the blandest, most uninspiring rumour offered up yet. Surely to christ we can manage better than that?

21-02-2017, 00:59
Andres Villa Boa to Alan Irvine.
One extreme to another.
File both under pish

21-02-2017, 01:00
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