View Full Version : Emirates Air Miles - PSG/Real Madrid hospitality

31-01-2016, 14:35
Anyone used their air miles with Emirates to get hospitality at PSG or Real Madrid before?
I've booked up for PSG in 3 weeks and Madrid in April.
Emailed Emirates and they couldn't give me much information about the whole experience and the clubs weren't much better.

Anyone been, what's it like?

31-01-2016, 16:02
I think you may have to contact Dubai regarding this or the office in Manchester?

26-02-2016, 13:31
Went last Saturday to PSG v Reims game and the hospitality was pretty good. 2 hours of drinking before hand, Game and a drink at half time then drinking after the game for an hour and a half. They had to just about chuck me out :) Just nibbles to eat but wasn't bothered.

The game was ok, lots of empty seats even though PSG are top and just beat Chelsea. The fans behind both goals made quite a lot of noise throughout the game.

If anyone has Emirates Air Miles I would highly recommend this.

26-02-2016, 14:14
How many Emirates miles do these packages take?

26-02-2016, 14:18
Never new this, i've got quite a few Emirates miles. Interested to see how many miles it takes and how it's arranged?

26-02-2016, 15:39
It depends on the game, PSG cost me about 10000 miles and Real Madrid is costing about 20000. If you log in to Emirates you can check the availability and miles per ticket. They also do AC Milan games, Hamburg maybe and I think Benfica and Arsenal although Arsenal seems to be sold out all the time.

I just got an eticket emailed to me and produced it at the main entrance.

You can also just get match tickets for about half the price of the hospitality ones.

27-02-2016, 11:04
I've just booked this for game vs Rennes on 30/4 for 12000 miles each as they were expiring. Glad you had good time -what was there to drink ?? Any other recommendations ??