View Full Version : Player ratings

23-09-2015, 08:44
Foderingham 7 made a good save early on, could do nothing about the goals
Tav 8 our best player on the night, scored a goal and looked our biggest threat
Wilson 5 poor positionaly, too casual, too slow
Kiernan 6 too slow but done better than wilson
Wallace 5 nowwhere to be seen in the game, very quiet
Zelalem 6 always showed for the ball and made passes without doing anything of note
Holt 5 game passed him by
Halliday 5 offered little protection for the defence, caught in posession too easily
Waghorn 6 had a few runs at thier defence without causing too much havoc, missed header
Miller 6 had a decent effort in the first half but wasnt really involved for large spells
Oduwa 7 always showed for the ball, possibly overdid things at times, hit the bar, but at least he never hid