View Full Version : We lack power through the spine of the team

22-09-2015, 22:52
That was reall evident tonight

IMO waghorn must play central

Wilson was really caught out tonight several times for pace

Halliday looked off the pace

Zalem is tidy however was bossed off stronger players as was holt

Lots to ponder however we have still came a long way

22-09-2015, 22:56
I agree with most of what you say, only the Waghorn part I slightly disagree with. We need a real centre forward that Waghorn can play off IMO.

22-09-2015, 22:58
It's the one thing really evident to me, commanding presence in the centre of the team. I'd like Halliday advanced slightly further up with a Eustace type character as CDM. We lack organisation in the heart of the pitch as we spill forward.

The third goal is criminal, positioning from CBs appaling. Ball should come in for Wilson.

22-09-2015, 22:59
We never got the all action midfielder we required.

22-09-2015, 23:02
We're going to do well to sign a 6'2 athlete with the touch of Zelalem, goal scoring ability of Waghorn, pace of Tavernier and engine of Wallace.

If he's out there, we can't afford him.

I don't think the Zelalem/Holt duo works all the time, I would consider dropping Holt to push Halliday up and bringing Ball in to shield the back two in the next cup game.

Tomato Plant
22-09-2015, 23:03
Completely out muscled in there tonight by inferior players

22-09-2015, 23:11
Made the exact same point in another thread. Pace at centre back, power in midfield and a presence up front would be the next improvements I would be looking to make over the next 2 transfer windows. It's easy identifying it though, the difficulty is getting the right players. Hopefully the manager will be able to do that.

22-09-2015, 23:20
We were to easily shrugged of the ball in the middle of the park.

22-09-2015, 23:24
Completely out muscled in there tonight by inferior players

Was the exact same against Motherwell they flooded the midfield and we were two lightweight in there .