View Full Version : Robby & Ross McCrorie playing for Scotland U-17's

24-02-2015, 12:56
I have seen on the BBC Website:

Rangers duo Robby and Ross McCrorie, who are in the Scotland Under-17s squad to play Romania, are hoping to become the first twins to play for Scotland. (The Sun, The Herald)

Has anyone seen these lads play?

24-02-2015, 13:09
Haven't seen them play,but I've heard a few good reports.

24-02-2015, 13:15
Don't think Ross is playing tonight due to the fact he played120 mins in the20's win over st Johnstone on sunday

24-02-2015, 13:18
Know them very well Robbie is keeper Ross is right sided defender

24-02-2015, 13:21
Robbie a very good prospect as a keeper and highly rated . Ross plays mainly right/center back, a very honest and commited player IMO

24-02-2015, 13:25
Both are excellent prospects and also have the right attitude, so both have a chance.

24-02-2015, 22:28
Smashing guys and both very talented players, just hope we hold onto them.

24-02-2015, 22:31
Did Man Utd not sniff about Robbie? Heard very good things about him in particular

24-02-2015, 22:43
Robbie captained the Scotland side tonight. Had a wee bit of a mistake for the Romanian goal but was solid in a 2-1 win for the Scots.

24-02-2015, 22:46
possibly Rangers first....twins eh?

24-02-2015, 23:08
possibly Rangers first....twins eh?

You forget the Kebab twins Durranty and Derek Ferguson:)g

24-02-2015, 23:13
Not the only twins we've had on our books. We had the Norwegians Tom and Kim Skogsrud just a few years ago.

24-02-2015, 23:16
possibly Rangers first....twins eh?

De boers? Or are they just brothers?

24-02-2015, 23:19
De boers? Or are they just brothers?

They are twins.

25-02-2015, 00:05
Not the only twins we've had on our books. We had the Norwegians Tom and Kim Skogsrud just a few years ago.
I'm sure the South African triplets, Jacobs, were on our books before going to Livingston.

Terry Hurlocks Perm
25-02-2015, 00:54
Both good players, especially the keeper. My nephew is in the same squad and has been before so knows them well. Say's they are smashing lads.

25-02-2015, 04:59
Many years ago circa 1983 did we not have twins by the name of Davison on our books, their auld fella was Governor of Bar L, anyone?