View Full Version : Malky the Racist on shooglie peg ?

20-02-2015, 22:22
In week of racist discussion the bold Malky . he of the dodgy text , lost again tonight 0-3 home to Charlton , leaves Wigan 6 points off safety , game more played !

Could be short lived appointment ?

Good see ex Celt getting it tough !

20-02-2015, 22:32
Mackay is a tosser but Dave Whelan has given so much to a small town team, I would feel really sorry for him if they go down. He always comes across as a decent guy.

20-02-2015, 22:39
Dave will be asking for an itemised Mobile phone bill soon.

21-02-2015, 08:33
A lot of the wee teams that do make it to the promised land often collapse within a few seasons. It's just not sustainable.