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1972 bear
30-01-2015, 14:14
Earlier this week, former Rangers midfielder Arnold Peralta had made a verbal agreement to sign with his former club in Honduras – CDS Vida. The Honduran had claimed that he had offers on the table from clubs in Europe & MLS but he had decided that he would be better served with a return home.

However, Peralta has since backed out on his deal with Vida & is set to sign with a rival club, Olimpia. This has not gone over well with the powers that be at Vida.

Vida’s team president, Nelson Mejia, told Luis Zavala of Diez -“That boy is unreliable & immature. We must completely discredit any relationship he has had with Vida.”

“Today we sent him over a contract to sign & he said that he had now decided that Olimpia offered a better option. This was after we sent him a contract that made the changes that he requested.”

“Anyways, everyday you meet people in this sport that leaves much to be desired.”

Mejia also insinuated that Vida never reached out to Peralta – that it was actually Peralta who sought out the Honduran club as he looked for a new team after agreeing to terminate his contract with Rangers.

It makes you wonder how much of the interest from clubs in England, Spain, & the United States was actually valid. Peralta’s career is at a crossroads after a missed opportunity in Scotland. All of this is basically a case of a player & his agent,trying to secure the best possible deal. However, some bridges appear to have been burned in the process.


30-01-2015, 14:21
The MoJo of Honduras :roll:

30-01-2015, 14:22
Player goes to place that offers more money. I am shocked that this type of thing goes on.

30-01-2015, 14:23
He comes across as a bit of a bell on Twitter, TBH. He has possibly the worst fashion sense ever

30-01-2015, 14:24
He comes across as a bit of a bell on Twitter, TBH. He has possibly the worst fashion sense ever

Does he wear Sambas?

30-01-2015, 14:25
Unfortunately not the first footballer to be labelled as such.
It's his lack of footballing ability that should be the concern to any potential suitors.

Livingston Bear
30-01-2015, 14:36
The MoJo of Honduras :roll:

Mojo could play though, Peralta most definitely couldn't :D