View Full Version : Teddy Sherringham - management material?

30-01-2015, 13:33
Seemed an absolute class act of Sunday and is doing well as the striker coach at West Ham. He has a passion for the game and great knowledge, can spot a good player a mile off.

I know we're not in a position to pull in big names but I'd like to think in future a guy of this stature is exactly the type of manager we should be looking at when we're back in a position to build a team to really challenge. Plus, I get the impression he has a soft spot for the Gers.

What's the FF consensus on him?

30-01-2015, 13:46
We need an experienced coach, or at least someone who has shown that they have it rather than may have 'it'.

30-01-2015, 14:11
I think we definitely need to go for someone who is 'outside the box'. Whether this is Sheringham or not is another debate. No more jobs for the boys. We need fresh ideas, from the under 7's through to the first team. A whole new structure, something like what is going on at Southampton.

30-01-2015, 14:12
I like the guy - but, personally, I don't see him as a manger.