View Full Version : "Fit and Proper"

28-01-2015, 18:41
Apologies for the thread, and if this question's already been asked, then admin please chop.

We've all heard the title being thrown about, particular when it comes to DK.

You have to meet the SFA "standards", whatever they are BEFORE you're allowed to serve on a board.

But what about after the fact?

Given the behaviour of this board, how can any of them claim to be acting in the interests of the club?

There's been more than enough shady dealings, they've even been pictured with a guy on Interpol's most wanted list ffs!

Is there anything in the SFA books that state they can deem you unfit in their eyes?

Unfit not just for the club, which they obviously don't give a phuck about, but for the game in general.

After all, it's the entire game that continues to suffer as a consequence of their actions.

Of course we all know who's at fault for starting it all, and putting us at the mercy of these ****s.

Was just wondering these muppets could be deemed unfit and ordered from the game.