View Full Version : Telegraph: Roddy Forsyth on Ashley's latest moves

28-01-2015, 10:58

28-01-2015, 11:11
When is someone going to do a bit of investigative journalism in this country,when the BTC we had plenty now for some reason no one has any inside info just drip feeding from various sources,christ it wasn't that long ago we leaks from hmrc every day at one point.

28-01-2015, 11:19
The positive thing from that article is that there seems to be an obvious issue with individual board members and fiduciary duty. The statement from T3B could not have made that any clearer. I really hope we see legal action initiated against the board members very soon.

28-01-2015, 12:12
What worries me if that lambias was just trying to get them to vote for the easdales. Why did they not feel the need to ask them to vote to keep lambias and leech?

Are they expecting to be exempt from being voted off due to the 2 year agreement with the board? I would not have thought this is legal but maybe this is what the NOMAD will attempt.

If they keep their place and he adds 2 more after the EGM he still has board control