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03-09-2014, 22:26
A big thanks to the guys who have taken time to contact us and even more time to send some old strips for the orphans and mountain guides on our forthcoming trip to Kilimanjaro.

Those who have helped so far.....

Rotterdam Loyal

For those who could still help, here is the original letter I posted two days ago.
If you could get to the post office or a post box tomorrow (Thursday) then you can still help. It won't cost you a penny, but it will make a lot of underprivileged children and mountain guides very happy.

Hi Guys,
A bit late, I know, but two of us are off to climb Kilimanjaro this weekend.
Some may remember us as we always climb mountains and always take a Rangers flag to the top.
We have posted pictures on here before, including one at 6500m on the side of mount Everest. (we reckon the highest a Rangers flag has ever been flown).

Anyway, we are staying at the base of Kilimanjaro for a few days, before we start the climb. We are staying in a hotel that is attached to a primary school for orphans.
We have booked extra baggage etc and are taking as much, in the way of school supplies, that we can carry, pens, calculators etc.
I thought it would be a great gesture and a great photo opportunity to get as many kids Rangers strips as possible and give them to the kids.

So, I'm looking for as many kids tops as possible (the condition is not important as these kids have nothing at the moment).

It will not cost you a penny as I will send you(by email) a delivery address with a pre-paid stamp on it(we are paying for this out of our own pocket). It will just need to be printed off and stuck to the parcel and then taken to your local post office or dropped in the nearest post box.

I know we have left this late, but we only just got confirmation about the extra luggage (6 suitcases between two of us) (4 are already full)

If anyone can help, then that would be great.
The pre-paid stamp will be first class, so the tops will have to be posted tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday or Thursday at the very latest.
Any later and we will have left the country.

In return for this, we can only offer to post a lovely picture on FF when we get back and see if we can get a small feature and a thank you to those that helped in one weeks programme.

If you can help, then please PM me an email address and I'll send the address label straight back.

Thanks in advance.

Ian and Lynn

EXTRA....a few of you guys have been offering adult tops, thank you.
I would take these to the mountain guides and the helpers at the school.
At the end of the day, the Tanzanian people will be more than grateful for anything they are given.
Thanks for your support guys.

04-09-2014, 12:19
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