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09-05-2014, 07:58
1891 - Rangers 4 (McKenzie 3,Hislop) Third Lanark RV 1 - Scottish League (6,000)
Rangers finished off their first season in the Scottish League in fine form,seeing off the challenge of Third Lanark and so draw level with Dumbarton at the top of the table.Since the idea of introducing goal average or difference (either of which would have given the title to Dumbarton) had not yet occured in the Scottish League,it was decided to stage a play-off match between Rangers and Dumbarton at Cathkin Park in order to find an undisputed winner of the League.
1891 - Englishman Dr Jimmy Paterson was born in London. A trained doctor, Paterson played for Rangers 186 times and won the League with the club in 1912. On the outbreak of the First World War, Paterson joined the London Scottish Regiment and served as a medical officer, winning the Military Cross for his bravery in action in France
1893 - Bert Manderson was born in Belfast. Bert played for the club for twelve seasons, winning the League in seven of those years, playing over 400 times for the club and representing Ireland five times.
1896 - Celtic 6 Rangers 1 (J.McPherson) - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Semi-Final (Played at Hampden Park) (20,000)
1899 - Rangers 4 (J.McPherson 2,Miller 2) Clyde 1 - Glasgow League (3,000)
1902 - Celtic 2 Rangers 0 - Inter-City League (4,000)
1903 - Rangers 4 (Speedie,A.Smith,Paton,R.C.Hamilton) Queen's Park 1 - Inter-City League (6,000)
1905 - St.Mirren 3 Rangers 0 - Friendly
This was a benefit match for Tom Jackson
1908 - Rangers 1 (Murray) Queen's Park 3 - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Semi-Final (21,000)
On the same day as Rangers were going down 3-1 in the semi-final of the Charity Cup against Queen's Park,the club completed the transfer of Alex Bennett from Celtic.Not surprisingly given the two clubs involved,the transfer aroused considerable interest at the time,not least because Bennett had won four League titles and two Scottish Cups whilst with Celtic and joined Rangers as a free agaent owing to a clause in his contract.
1914 - Rangers 1 (Bennett) Third Lanark 1 - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Semi-Final (14,000)
1925 - Rangers 2 (Cunningham,Henderson) Partick Thistle 1 - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Semi-Final (Played at Hampden Park) (16,000)
1931 - Queen's Park 1 Rangers 2 (J.Smith,Doc.Marshall) - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Final (Played at Hampden Park) (26,000)
1936 - Celtic 4 Rangers 2 (Turnbull,McPhail) - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Final (Played at Hampden Park) (43,162)
1942 - Rangers 1 (Gillick) Morton 0 - Souhern League Cup Final (Played at Hampden Park) (43,000)
1950 - Malmo FF 0 Rangers 1 (Findlay) - Friendly (18,200)
1955 - Queen's Park 1 Rangers 3 (Hubbard,PH McMillan,Scott) - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Final (Played at Hampden Park) (20,000)
1960 - Rangers 1 (Brand) Celtic 1 - Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup Semi-Final (14,500)
1981 - Rangers 0 Dundee United 0 - Scottish Cup Final (Played at Hampden Park) (53,346)
Even though Dundee United started the game as favourites (Their form at the time being better than of Rangers) and Rangers' best chance of winning lay in attacking throughout,John Greig selected a defensive formation,leaving the likes of Davie Cooper and John McDonald on the bench.For 80 minutes United did all the attacking,finally prompting Greig to bring on his more attacking players and the tide turned.A penalty save from Hamish McAlpine sent the game into extra time,but fortunately Greig had seen enough by then to realise that a different formation would be required for the replay.
1982 - Rangers 1 (Dalziel) Southampton 0 - Friendly (20,000)
Sandy Jardine's testimonial match drew a crowd of 20,000 to Ibrox where Gordon Dalziel scored the only goal of the game.A week later Rangers reciprocated with a visit to the Dell for George Horsfall's testimonial
1984 - Aberdeen 0 Rangers 0 - Scottish Premier Division (16,200)
1986 - Rangers 3 (McCoist 3) Celtic 2 - Glasgow Cup Final (40,741)
1987 - Rangers 1 (Fleck) St.Mirren 0 - Scottish Premier Division (43,510)
1992 - Rangers 2 (Hateley,McCoist) Airdrieonians 1 - Scottish Cup Final (Played at Hampden Park) (44,045)
1998 - Dundee United 1 Rangers 2 (Laudrup,Albertz Pen) - Scottish Premier Division (14,200)
1999 - Rangers 0 Hearts 0 - Scottish Premier League (49,495)
2009 - Rangers 1 (Davis) Celtic 0 - Scottish Premier League (50,321)
2010 - Rangers 3 (Lafferty 2,Boyd) Motherwell 3 - Scottish Premier League (50,321)

Sir Duncan Ferguson
09-05-2014, 08:04
1999 - Played in the pissing rain. I'm sure we missed two penalties that night. Albertz and Amato.

09-05-2014, 08:13
1992 - We had the entire South East Antrim RSC in our flat in Allison St. There must have been over 50 in the wee flat that day. It was some fecking day.

They were going back to their digs in Ayr after the game and naturally asked me if I wanted to go back with them. I was working the next morning so I declined; when I went home it was just me, the missus and the two kids.

We had just won the first League and SC double in my lifetime (that I could remember and trebles apart obviously). What an anti climax it was. The wee hoose seemed so empty from having this heaving throng in it just three hours earlier to just the four of us.

Still, what I'd give for days like that now.

09-05-2014, 08:16
2009 I had 20 on Steven to score first @ 20/1

Couldnt believe it when I saw it was him sliding in :D

09-05-2014, 08:18
2010 - Rangers 3 (Lafferty 2,Boyd) Motherwell 3 - Scottish Premier League (50,321)

Motherwell boy dived for a penalty in the last minute.

09-05-2014, 09:07
1987: The day of the 'Hay must stay' banner.

09-05-2014, 09:08
1987: Highlights here


09-05-2014, 09:14
1987: The day of the 'Hay must stay' banner.

Well he did, until McNeill went to Asda in Clydebank one Sunday for his shopping.

09-05-2014, 09:18
1982: Southampton manager Lawrie McMenemy came onto the pitch before the game an d apologised over the p.a. system for the non appearance of Kevin Keegan.
Keegan was injured and this injury would restrict him to only a subs appearance in England's World Cup campaign in Spain 82.

09-05-2014, 09:30
1981 Only thing I really remember from that game, was singing Ian Redford's name, after the penalty miss.
The replay, however, was a different story :D

09-05-2014, 09:54
2009 - Rangers 1 (Davis) Celtic 0 - Scottish Premier League (50,321)

Miller did well too keep the ball in play and cross into the box, when Davis scored a volcano erupted :)

09-05-2014, 09:57
2009 - The tension surrounding that game was palpable.

09-05-2014, 10:05
1981: The 'chicken supper song' was sung at that game for the first time I'm sure.

Rangers were outplayed by Dundee Utd for most of this game. Jim Stewart made 2 really good stops.
I think John Greig was influenced by the 4-1 defeat at Ibrox in March by United.
He had also dropped Derek Johnstone and John McDonald for a breach of club rules.They had been I think from memory been out drinking on the Thursday night !

09-05-2014, 10:10
1992, went dressed as Tom(from tom & Jerry). By Christ it was hot!!


big poppa
09-05-2014, 10:11
2009 - a game we simple had to win.

09-05-2014, 11:07
1981- 53,000? there was that amount of bodies in the J section alone FFS, replay is etched in my memory, the Cooper show, then walked it home to Penilee in a thunder storm, 14yo and walking on air.

09-05-2014, 11:08
1992 - I was so disappointed not to get a ticket for this game.

Cup Final tickets, even for the Hampden of old (although the Rangers End was seated by this time) just seemed to elude me. Always got tickets for the semi-finals no problem!

09-05-2014, 11:39
2009 - Rangers 1 (Davis) Celtic 0 - Scottish Premier League (50,321)

Miller did well too keep the ball in play and cross into the box, when Davis scored a volcano erupted :)

Does anyone have the quote from the Fiddleboard from one of the Mhanks who said he felt sexually violated as Davis and Boyd got it right up them in celebration after that goal? It was almost poetic :D